Artists statement  

My paintings combine skyscapes, which are universal, and landscapes, which are specific to each location. I’m passionate about sharing my appreciation for my urban home setting and emphasizing that we’re all under the same sky – a commonality which fosters a sense of community and cooperation. The sky is a constant in all our lives. For me, it’s a source of unity, calm and wonder as well endless visual variety. Through my work I encourage people to look up and know none of us are alone.



A self-taught artist, Nancy Bennett spent the first 30 years of adulthood in the 9-to-5 corporate world, but her passion for art finally morphed into a full-time career in 2013.  Her first solo exhibition “Kiss the Sky” featured paintings of skyscapes using a knife, brush and rollers on canvas, wood, large, small. It took a couple of years and a deep “Group of Seven” phase to cultivate a style that feels natural to her - layered knife painting on large wood panels.  She exhibits her work regularly in group and solo exhibitions. Her paintings are held in private and corporate collections in Canada and internationally. 

Nancy is a member of The Artists’ Network and CARFAC and is co-founder of Four Corners Studio collective. She volunteers at Art Heart, a Toronto arts program for vulnerable adults.